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Isn't data the best? We love it, we think it's incredible, and we're sure you do too. We delight in the feeling we get when we've been playing around with it for a few hours and an insight finally appears. The way seeing it presented, clearly and beautifully, acts as a key to unlock our understanding. How powerful it makes us feel when we're working with it and not without it.

We believe data should be much faster and easier to work with, current tooling is criminally overpriced, and someone should do something about this 😉

If you have the same beliefs we do, think your current datastack's value vs spend equation is lopsided, or are just about to get started elevating data within your company, we want to work with you! We're onboarding early users for our first release at the start of 2024 and you'd be a perfect fit.

P.S - We're headquartered in Austin, TX and hiring local and remote!

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